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Warranty Information


Explanation of our Warranty Terms

Unconditional Lifetime: Covers the product through the whole life of the item. This covers accidental damage and manufacturing defects.
Lifetime Manufacturers: Covers Manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.
2 Year Manufacturers: Covers manufacturing defects for 2 years after the sale of the item.
1 Year Electronics: Covers electronic issues for 1 year after the sale of the item.
1 Year Manufacturers: Covers manufacturing defects for 1 year after the sale of the item.


In the event of a warranty claim for a faulty item, Tasco can opt to: 1. repair the item, 2. offer a replacement item, 3. issue a store credit against future purchases, 4. issue a refund. Make a Warranty Claim here In most cases, Tasco will attempt to resolve the warranty claim by taking the above steps in the order they are shown.


Freight and Handling

You (the customer) will be responsible for costs incurred in returning the faulty item to Tasco for assessment. You can choose any shipping method when returning an item to Tasco (courier, reg post etc). In turn, Tasco will cover all costs in returning the repaired/replaced item back to you (using StarTrack Express courier or registered post).


International Warranty

We will need a copy of your proof of purchase to determine firstly that the item was purchased from an authorized Australian retailer who would have purchased the item from us and secondly to determine the date of purchase to make a determination regarding if the item is still within the the warranty period. We do not cover warranty for product purchased from non-authorized retailers, individuals (Ebay) or those importing directly from overseas.


What am I covered / not covered for?

Warranty does not cover intentional or accidental abuse, or misuse of a product. It will also not cover items that have been used for purpose other than for which they were designed. Accidental damage (liquid spills, drops or breaks etc) are not covered by warranty. Warranty will be void if the internal components of any electronic device show evidence of being tampered with. Warranty will cover only genuine manufacturing faults. If a warranty claim is lodged, and it is found that user-error or user-misunderstanding contributed to the fault, the item will be repaired (if needed) and returned to the customer for a fee (see below - No Fault Found)


Proof of Purchase

If you do need to lodge a warranty claim, you will need to provide a copy of your original Tax Invoice.

For Consumers’ claims

Make a Warranty Claim here Warranties only apply to the original purchaser of the product and receipt of purchase is needed for the claim. Please ring Tasco or send an email to get Tasco’s authorisation for any returns.






Elite Unconditional Lifetime
SPOTTING SCOPES Legend Unconditional Lifetime
Bushnell Elite Unconditional Lifetime Trophy Unconditional Lifetime
Bushnell Trophy Unconditional Lifetime Engage Lifetime Manufacturers
All other Bushnell 1 Year Manuf. Excursion 2 Year Manuf.
H20 2 Year Manuf.
TASCO 1 Year Manuf. Powerview 1 Year Manuf.
ACUTER 1 Year Manuf. Legacy 1 Year Manuf.
Marine 1 Year Manuf.
NIGHTVISION Permafocus 1 Year Manuf.
BUSHNELL 1 Year Manuf. Birder 1 Year Manuf.
Natureview 2 Year Manuf.
FIREARMS Fusion RF 2 Year Manuf.
MOSSBERG 1 Year Manuf.
1 Year Manuf. TASCO 1 Year Manuf.
BSA PCP 5 Year Manuf. SIMMONS 1 Year Manuf.
PARDUS 1 Year SKY-WATCHER 5 Year Manuf.